Gymnastic Clubs

Gymkit can service all your fixed and portable gymnastic equipment within your gym, a Service Certificate will be left for your safety records, a detailed report will follow for any identified repairs that need to be carried out.

We can supply and install new equipment, all spare parts for your existing equipment will be sourced from the manufacturer (Continental Sports / Gymnova)

All padded agility / movement tables can be fully recovered in new PVC -  Vaulting equipment fully recovered in new leather hide 

Gymkit can supply new mats and replacement covers for all types of mats

Trampoline Service Inspections - All trampolines should be serviced once a year, trampoline beds can be very costly to replace for clubs, Gymkit can offer a repair service on your existing web beds, the beds are returned to our workshop for approx 3 weeks for stitching repair work to be carried out on damaged webs, a Gymkit replacement bed can be fitted while your bed is away for repair, this will allow for the trampoline to stay in use for the club.